Nico Rosberg Proves He Can’t Drive In The Rain

Championship leader Nico Rosberg has a disaster on the slippery streets of Monaco; proves he isn’t on the same level as the big boys. 

Rosberg finished a dismal P7 after admitting he had no confidence in his Mercedes during the Monaco Grand Prix. His championship lead was cut to 24 points as Lewis Hamilton powered to victory in an epic race that will be remembered for years.

The German started on the front row behind Daniel Ricciardo, but the Aussie rocketed away to build a huge lead. Rosberg was holding up the entire circuit with his pathetic pace before Mercedes pit crew did the unthinkable; order Rosberg to let Hamilton by.

After the first round of pitstops, Rosberg was suddenly stuck behind the Spanish maestro Fernando Alonso in sixth place, before being passed by Nico Huldenberg on the final lap to finish his adopted home grand prix in an awful seventh.

“I’m definitely baffled by that lack of pace initially. I don’t know what you can call it, but I just felt no confidence in the car on those intermediates. After that it didn’t go my way on the pitstops. Once you’re behind in Monaco, that’s it.” ~ Nico Rosberg

Is this the end to Rosberg’s fairytale run? Monaco has exposed Rosberg for the talented yet unspectacular driver he is.

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