Lewis Hamilton celebrates Monaco win with the last person you would expect

Sharon Wong

Justin Bieber and Lewis Hamilton may seem like they couldn’t exist in the same world, but it seems that they’d have more in common than you’d expect.


After the victory Hamilton fiercely claimed from Nico Rosberg in Monaco, you can bet he was in the mood for some uproarious celebration. But as to who he was celebrating with, well, it has to be seen to be believed. The first person to come up and toast him for a job well done was none other than the teen idol himself, who embraced Hamilton enthusiastically the moment he leapt out of his car. Both men shared a drink of champagne before Hamilton liberally showered his team with the bubbly.

While the Biebs was far from the only celebrity to congratulate Hamilton, his exuberance at the Briton’s victory indicates that the two have a much better relationship than you’d suspect. The daredevil racer may seem to have little in common with the “edgy” popstar, but it goes to show that Formula 1 does bring some unlikely friendships out of the woodwork. Plus, their shared love for selfies, bling and social media is sure to lead to a lot of Instagram-worthy bonding time.

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