Martin Truex Jr.’s Coca-Cola 600 win no big deal compared to this achievement

Sharon Wong

While Martin Truex Jr. outdid himself with a record-breaking performance at the Coca-Cola 600, but can it compare to defeating cancer?

Truex Jr. managed to break his year-long winless streak in the most impressive fashion, leading 392 out of 400 rounds. But according to girlfriend Sherry Pollex, the achievement was really just the icing on their cake. After all, if you’ve been battling Stage 3 ovarian cancer since August 2014 like she has, every other battle may seem like a child’s skirmish to you.

Pollex has finally completed her course of chemotherapy and showed up to the race without her wig. Her spunky pixie cut reflected her sense of triumph after a long, hard few years, which she said were some of the most formative, character-building exercises the couple had been through.

“It’s amazing. I keep telling him he had to lose all those races and that God was building his character to win a big one and this is huge for us. In our hometown, and in our family… we’ve been through so much. This is just icing on the cake.”

Sherry Pollex

While Pollex is truly a formidable force for powering through life-threatening illness, Truex is no slouch himself. He’s been having a rough time of it for a year, suffering through bad breaks every time he was on the track until this momentous occasion. It was also the best one for him to win, being a NASCAR crown jewel race where each team carried the name of a fallen soldier for Memorial Day weekend.

“It’s a big day, you know? Got the troops on the car this weekend. It’s a special weekend. It’s really neat to bring that name home in Victory Lane. So just a lot of emotion right now. Not really sure it’s sunk in yet”

Martin Truex Jr.

We can’t think of a NASCAR couple that deserves to win more than these two and it appears Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Rodney Childers feel the same way.

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