Daniil Kvyat may be done with the Red Bull group altogether

Sharon Wong

After his highly publicised departure from Red Bull Racing, Kvyat may be ready to pack his bags once more after more upset at Toro Rosso.

Trouble seems to be brewing at Toro Rosso for Daniil Kvyat once more. As if 2016 hasn’t been tumultuous enough for him already. After his humiliating crash with Sebastian Vettel, he was demoted to Red Bull’s ‘B’ team Toro Rosso to make way for rival Max Verstappen. At first, he seemed to be adjusting well enough, but he is now betraying some dissatisfaction with his current position and may be looking to greener pastures. Or at least, pastures that aren’t of the crimson or bullish persuasion.

The issues seem to be technical,¬†with his STR11 that are seriously cramping his style. These “things going wrong” are likely to prompt him to go elsewhere for career advancement.

Source: @Racingnews365
Source: @Racingnews365

“I was on for a fight this weekend. I am giving my absolute best to Toro Rosso and I want to reward this team with a lot of points. But you cannot start in a race where you should have been in a race to score a lot of points, it’s really frustrating.

“I want to give everything to this team, but when all of these things start to go wrong you look for a change of the situation.”

But the problem could be a little bigger than a few mechanical mishaps. You see, Kvyat got¬†involved in yet another penalty-inducing crash, this time with Kevin Magnussen. It seems that those have been haunting him all year and we wonder if running from team to team to escape a history of collisions is a good long-term solution for the Russian. We think he should stay and figure out why he’s so helplessly drawn into the orbit of other vehicles and fix that shit up. If he doesn’t, that’s the kind of thing that could trail him like the most restless of evil spirits.

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