Daniel Ricciardo may just be Formula 1’s most frustrated driver right now

Sharon Wong

Daniel Ricciardo’s entire career has been a classic case of “so close, but yet so far”. That’s bound to get to anyone.

Source: @ESPNF1/Twitter
Source: @ESPNF1/Twitter

That botched pit stop that inspired Ricciardo’s infamous Monaco meltdown was only the last in a series of disappointments for the Australian. Apart from his three breakthrough victories in 2014, he’s been going through a remarkable dry spell. And it’s not even just with wins either. His 2nd place finish on Sunday was only his third podium in 27 races. As a racer who’s just on the cusp of turning 27 himself, five years after he began his career, he’s feeling pretty low on accomplishments.

“I’m 27 very soon and I don’t even have anything close to a world title and I believe I should have something like that very soon. Two weeks now, it could be two wins and it’s not. It’s getting a bit long in the tooth.”

Daniel Ricciardo

The devil of it all is that he doesn’t lack on the ability front whatsoever. He’s one of Red Bull’s fastest and most talented young drivers and it kills him to know that he is unable to reach his full potential when it really counts.

“Part of the frustrating thing is that I really do believe, and I’ve believed it for a long time – I don’t want to say it because it’s arrogant – but I believe a lot in my ability, let’s just say that. And I should be getting more rewarded.”

Daniel Ricciardo

Regardless of how he may feel about himself, Ferrari is said to be eying him covetously and eagerly awaiting the end of his contract with Red Bull in 2018. Perhaps the sea change he needs to open the floodgates of success is a simple job transfer. After all, Ferrari’s team just might have their act together enough to get those tyres ready in time.

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