World’s Most Dangerous Race Coming To An Island Near You

Political correctness and pussyfooting around has ruined a lot of the cool shit we used to have.

But not the Isle of Man TT, a motorcycle race so outlandish and dangerous I still can’t believe it exists.

Watch this crash comp and you’ll get a feel for just how incredible this race is.

The race takes place annually in May/June on the Isle of Man, a little island situated in between Great Britain and Ireland in the Irish Sea.


The island, a laissez faire British protectorate with an area of 221 square miles and a population of 85,000, all but shuts down for the race. The race itself is administered by the Auto-Cycle Union, the governing body of motorcycle sport in Great Britain.

It takes place on public roads that are closed off for the race. Not on a racetrack, on regular ass roads.

The “track” is a little under 38 miles long and riders zoom around it at 130 mph.

Ian Hutchinson set the bar during practice this week with an average speed of 129.964 mph on his Tyco BMW.

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

In the 100 or so years the race has been running, 246 riders have been killed.

In 1970, six different riders died.

It’s so dangerous that most of the sport’s top riders won’t go anywhere near it. Listen to English motorcycle racer/TV personality Guy Martin wax poetic on the phenomenon that is the Isle of Man TT:

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

This year’s race runs through June 10th.

Good luck and godspeed to the lunatics brave souls who compete in the world’s most dangerous sporting event.


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