Ferrari’s volunteered an interesting reason for Kimi Raikkonen’s poor performance

Sharon Wong

Ferrari’s going to be standing right behind Kimi Raikkonen despite his spectacular fail on the Monegasque track. Apparently, they understand everyone has a track they don’t like. 

Source: MrSegui/Shutterstock
Source: MrSegui/Shutterstock

As we can tell from the examples set by Hamilton, Rosberg and Kvyat, not everyone gets off lightly when they don’t perform up to standard on the course. But Ferrari is willing to be more than forgiving of Raikkonen, who damaged his front wing on the first two laps and ended the race in 10th place. This is especially bad because he started at 11th, moving only one place up for the entire race. However, allowances have to be made for every racer’s personal preferences, according to Maurizio Arrivabene.

“Every driver I’ve known from the past has a track they don’t like. Kimi doesn’t like Monaco, even if he won once here. We need not to complain about Kimi but to accept this race he was probably suffering.

“He will be pushing to do his best the rest of the season.”

Maurizio Arrivabene

It’s an extraordinarily understanding attitude for the principal of a team that has much to lose if its racers aren’t up to par. And while Raikkonen has gone one point above Sebastian Vettel after trailing him by 38 points and gotten three podiums this season, he’s only made a one-point gain after six races. There’s certainly room for improvement and it’s likely he’ll need to get over his distaste for certain tracks in order to harness all that latent potential he’s harbouring.

Still, it’s nice to see good relationships exist between racers and their teams in what is usually a strictly business setting.

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