Valentino Rossi wants to settle the score with longtime victim Jorge Lorenzo

Sharon Wong

What a bitter defeat it must have been for Valentino Rossi at Mugello. On the Catalunya track, he’s intent on making sure Jorge Lorenzo, one of his favourite targets, does not go unpunished for besting him.  

Source: ZRyzner/Shutterstock
Source: ZRyzner/Shutterstock

Lorenzo and Rossi have never been the best of friends, with the Italian publicly accusing both him and Marc Marquez of sabotage at a post-race press conference. His bitterness may stem back to the fact that Lorenzo’s arrival forced Rossi to move against his will to Ducati. Now, he has another reason to hate him. The Spaniard has surged ahead of him by 37 points and become title leader, all on his home track. Could there be any worse punishment for the man who spent the early days of his career terrorising his fellow players?

In the midst of the Mugello track, he’d been gaining momentum on Lorenzo when his engine utterly failed on the 9th lap, leaving him to fall behind him. As you would expect, he’s determined to exact revenge on Catalunya, one of his favourite tracks.

“The Catalunya Grand Prix is held at one of my favourite tracks. I like the circuit a lot as well as the atmosphere. I think that I can have a potential to do a good race.

“I’m coming to Spain with the knowledge that I’m able to be fast, but also with regret for what would have been a great race at Mugello. The most important thing is that we were very fast on Sunday thanks to the work we did during the weekend. In Barcelona, we have to work the same way and get ready to race.”

Valentino Rossi

It’s been a long time coming, but we wonder if he’s beginning to learn the lesson he should have been learning all along. Nobody respects a man who has to bully his rivals out of a career and an honest, hard-won victory is the only kind worth winning.


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