WATCH: Dim-witted burglar re-enacts Formula 1 celebration with stolen champagne

Sharon Wong

After robbing a home of its prized collection of champagne, these two should really have been laying on the downlow. We guess they liked their bubbly and Formula 1 too much to avoid jailtime.  

We don’t know what it is about criminals wearing signs that scream, “Arrest me!” these days, but we’ll blame it on the fact that social media hasn’t done wonders for our collective IQ. Everyone wants exposure these days, even those who have reason to hide from the law. Perhaps the rationale is that if you’re going to go out, you might as well do it with a bang. Or a pop, in this case.


Jacob Collaire and Kareem Nasser raided two homes in the West Midlands in December last years, robbing them of £20,000 worth of valuables. Among the stolen loot were eight bottles of pricey champagne, including a 2004 Taittinger and a rare 1973 Bollinger. You’d think they’d want to keep such finds to themselves, but then, you’d be underestimating the allure of taunting others with what they can’t have. One of the burglars filmed himself celebrating Christmas with the Bollinger, spraying it over his balcony the way F1 drivers anoint their vehicles with champagne.

He may as well have tattooed the arrest warrant on his forehead. Police zeroed in on the duo and arrested them in a Ford Fiesta stolen 10 days ago. Looks like these two were totally uninterested in changing their spots or keeping a low profile.

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