Lewis Hamilton and Neymar were total bros for a day

Sharon Wong

Whether you go gaga over Hamilton, Neymar or hot young athletes in general, these social media uploads of them being bros is totally your kryptonite. Their special guest is just a bonus.


Lewis Hamilton is known for being buddy-buddy with some of the world’s most recognisable faces, so it makes for an exciting guessing game to see who he’s rubbing shoulders with next. This time, he’s seen being thick as thieves with Brazilian football wunderkind Neymar at the anticlimactic Brazil vs. Ecuador game in the Copa America Centenario. Also with them was Justin Bieber, who was also a very visible presence in the aftermath of Hamilton’s Monaco win. It seems the pop star is eager to add a bit of edge to his image by hanging out with some rough-and-tumble lads.

It strikes us how similarly Lewis Hamilton and Neymar dress. Both favour big hats, lurid gold chains and a certain degree of swag. They may be athletes in completely different arenas, but at the core, they’re not so unlike after all. And the fact that a baby-faced former teen idol is free to drop in any time he wants goes to show that worlds don’t have to clash when they collide.

Now, to end with the crucial questions. Who wears it better, the F1 driver or soccer star? We hope we needn’t tell you at this point, there’s only one right answer.

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