WATCH: On-board a lap on the Baku circuit for the European Grand Prix


In less than two weeks, the F1 circus will head into the unknown. To Baku, Azerbaijan for the European Grand Prix.


Have a first glance at a lap of the street circuit in the video below:



The casual giant castle on one of the straights looks incredible! Makes it seem less a street circuit and more a medieval circuit in the best possible way.



Pirelli have already confirmed that despite Baku having all of the traits of a street circuit, their ultra-soft tyres won’t be available to the teams. This seems a bit conservative, but the new circuits are always exciting to go to. They add that extra element of unpredictability.


The organizers of the Grand Prix are doing pretty well in the entertainment department too, with Pharrell, Enrique Iglesias and… Some other guy lining up to perform live sets over the weekend.



Let’s hope the track becomes a classic and that speed is higher in the land of fire.

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