Canada will highlight how shite McLaren’s Honda engine is

When the famous McLaren/Honda partnership was announced back in 2015, it was a mouth-watering prospect. This was the partnership that dominated during the late eighties and early nineties, with 44 grand prix wins and eight world championships. Most iconic images of Ayrton Senna show him in the orange and white livery of the Mclaren-Honda MP4/4.

It’s a shame that the partnership hasn’t worked so far, and the gap to the dizzying heights they once found themselves at will really show in Canada. Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button are Formula One World Champions, but they’ll be lucky to even score points in Montreal. The long straights of the circuit will be punishing, especially because Ferrari and Red Bull will be running cars with engine upgrades.

They have a great chassis this season too, as was proven by Alonso’s drive to 5th in Monaco. The component that the team lacks in is simply horsepower. Honda has to take the brunt of the criticism.

Ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, Alonso said:

“We’re Definitely Making Progress, But Until We’re Fighting At The Front, We Still Need To Keep Pushing And Constantly Developing.”

“Montreal Is A Completely Different Challenge To Monaco, So I Hope We Can Quickly Adapt Our Package To This Circuit And Maintain Our Recent Form, But It Will Certainly Be A Tricky And Unpredictable Weekend.”

Fernando Alonso

Alonso and Button mask their frustration for the sake of PR, this definitely isn’t what either driver signed up for…


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