Dani Pedrosa was flying high in Barcelona when a crash ruined everything

Sharon Wong

So pesky when you’re in the upswing and a pesky crash blasts you all the way back to tenth place. This was the story of Dani Pedrosa’s life on Monday.

The Repsol Honda driver was enjoying a very productive test post Catalan-GP after landing on the podium in 2nd place the day before. He was sporting a new frame Honda had been testing out on all its drivers when a literal roadblock disrupted all that great time he was making all weekend. He had a miniature crash at Turn 2 at 13:00 local time, but that was more than enough to force him back on one bike and set him back to tenth place at 1’45.379, 0.35s behind fellow Honda representative Marc Marquez.

Got to be a damper┬ánot to be Honda’s best racer on the Catalan circuit, but he’s determined not to let it be too much of a downer. After all, trial and error’s a part of any racer’s life and the earlier everyone accepts that, the better.

“We tested various things today, especially with the chassis and a few setups for the electronics and engine to improve our corner exits. Some things we tested worked well and others weren’t yet as good as expected but they gave us more ideas because we’ve found a few positives. We’ll try to keep working with the future in mind; first of all, we’re looking at the short term, which is the next race at Assen. There, we’ll try to use some of the feedbacks we took from today’s test, to see if they work at that track and the coming circuits. Unfortunately, I had a crash at midday that meant I could only continue testing with one bike, and I wasn’t able to do many more laps.”

Dani Pedrosa



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