Raikkonen’s last year at Ferrari? No way in hell.

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The Iceman is a mute to the press and doesn’t give much away at all. He’s a unique, private person that doesn’t really like the spotlight. Where other drivers use the sport to fortify a celebrity network and gain as much influence in their position as possible, Kimi remains an introvert. It’s this attitude that has earned him the respect of F1 fans around the globe, alongside his driving, obviously

The flying Finn has been fairly quiet about the recent speculation surrounding his status as a Ferrari driver next season (did you expect anything else?). Kimi’s been driving well. He’s a point ahead of Vettel and has matched him for podiums, so why this stupid speculation? It happened last season too. We’re six races into the season and already, Kimi can’t walk into a press conference without being gangbanged by questions about his future.


Kimi was resilient when asked very prematurely about his future at Ferrari. He said,

“I don’t know any more, you guys [the media] seem to know more every week about this.”

Kimi Raikkonen

Good on you for saying that Kimi! A driver press conference is a gauntlet for the drivers. You see it in their faces every time they enter the dreaded press room like lambs to the slaughter. Actually, it sometimes looks like the drivers are being held at gunpoint just out of shot in a hostage situation.


Ask the guy about the Ferrari engine updates or the circuit? Anything that that doesn’t further the gap between the media and the drivers. Instead, these questions offer nothing but disrespect to the driver. Yeah, he’s out of contract at the end of the year, but give the Iceman a break. He’s got a race weekend to focus on and I’m hoping he eclipses his team-mate just to shut this speculation about his future down.

Kimi did great last year in Montreal, finishing 4th just ahead of Vettel in the sister Ferrari. The Ferraris will be hoping to re-establish themselves in the pecking order, and may be in with a chance of doing so if their engine upgrades work.


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