Why Jorge Lorenzo believes we are in dire need of a MotoGP track in Kazakhstan

Sharon Wong

If you were building a MotoGP track anywhere, this Central Asian country might not be at the top of your list. But Jorge Lorenzo has emerged from a visit to the Sokol circuit to announce that there’s much more to Kazakhstan than lots of arid, empty land. 

Source: lorenzo99/Twitter
Source: lorenzo99/Twitter

Although it’s still under construction, the Sokol racetrack in Almaty hosted a presentation meant to showcase its readiness for international races. Who better to give it a look-over than current MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo? He met with local media to survey the track, which was designed by Hermann Tilke and is 4,495 meters in length and 15 meters in width. In the following press conference, he gave it his seal of approval.

“I am really looking forward to test the track riding a bike.”

Jorge Lorenzo

But aside from its imposing dimensions, the racetrack has other attractions for Lorenzo. He went on to say that he was very much a fan of its unusual location. The former Soviet satellite hasn’t had much exposure in the international arena (no, guys, Borat doesn’t count) and he is glad that a MotoGP track will be helping alleviate that by promoting the country to those outside of it. It’s bound to attract plenty of MotoGP fans as tourists and in turn draw Kazakhs into the exhilarating world of motorsports.


We’re all about that cultural exchange too. Too many people see MotoGP as a niche sport that doesn’t have much relevance in the outside world and it’s fantastic that it will be used to facilitate a cross-cultural meeting of minds. It looks like Lorenzo’s kickstarting that movement early, if this selfie with an adoring Kazakh fan in Esentai mall is any indication.

Source: motogp.com
Source: motogp.com

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