Sebastian Vettel is more furious at critics than he is at Ferrari

Sharon Wong

Sebastian Vettel could have a bone to pick with Ferrari for messing up his strategy routine at the Canadian GP, but he’s directing his ire at “Captain Hindsight” instead.

Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

Yes, that’s exactly what he’s calling you if you’re one of the hordes raging at Ferrari for its ill-fated strategic switch-up in Montreal. He was enjoying the lead at the Canadian Grand Prix when the team cramped his style with an unexpected two-stop strategy, forcing Mercedes rival Lewis Hamilton into a one-stop strategy. Though Vettel regained his lead momentarily, Hamilton maintained his steady pace and surged ahead when the German had to stop a second time. Definitely a reason to be irked at the team, if there ever was one. However, he’s much more pissed at¬†you.

“Captain Hindsight is always easy. So put yourselves in the shoes of the pitwall, to make that call is quite tricky and you have to be really quick. Strategy-wise, I think we have a really strong team. I wouldn’t go anywhere near criticising them because the guys are really on the money and are very¬†strong, reacting very well. This year, maybe we haven’t done the optimum job, but overall, I think we do make better choices than other people.”

Sebastian Vettel

It’s the kind of loyalty we’ve witnessed many a time, even when the team hasn’t performed up-to-par. Lewis Hamilton was similarly forgiving towards Mercedes for the disastrous Russian Grand Prix. Letting bygones be bygones might just be essential to survival for any professional driver. After all, who will back you up on the track if not for your dedicated team? Not a good idea to run afoul of the people changing your wheels and oiling your engines.


So, how many times can Daniel Ricciardo forgive Red Bull for the sake of team spirit?

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