Ecclestone: North America A Bit Of A Sh*t-hole

Bernie Ecclestone seems desperate to put himself in the limelight of the motorsport press, making the article you’re about to read a bit of a contradiction, but his recent generalization of one of the biggest geographical landmasses in the world shouldn’t be laughed off.
How much more does this guy need to do to be unanimously┬ádisliked? It’s almost as if he revels in the anger he generates. Ecclestone recently told NCB Sport that Baku, Azerbaijan, makes North America look like “a bit of a sh*t-hole”.

Given that Formula One has just got back from Montreal, Canada (which I’m pretty sure is one of the cleanest cities in the world), has the old man lost his marbles completely? Maybe if he spend less time spouting sweeping statements in a frankly desperate attempt to generate self-exposure, and spent more time just doing his job and trying to improve the sport, the press would have nicer things to say about him.

Instead, Ecclestone retains his status as a complete dick. How can a city in a country under dictatorial rule be compared to the entirety of North-America? I doubt Ecclestone was sleeping rough in Montreal… Maybe the hotel he was staying in had a revolving door that he couldn’t get through.

His ridiculous statements only add more strings of incompetency to his very, very heavy bow.

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