Modern F1 Steering Wheel Looks like a F***ing Sci-Fi Device

No wonder Lewis Hamilton couldn’t fix his ERS problem by himself!

Take a look at how many variables and buttons the drivers have to get a grip of! The steering wheel used to be a thing that just turned the front wheels in the good old days. Now, it looks like a piece of alien technology from a sci-fi movie, or the world’s most complicated sex toy, or, maybe even an alien sex toy?

We were denied a race in Baku for several reasons. Firstly, the track provided what was quite a boring race. Blame track designer Hermanm Tilke for that one, the guy has a love for 90 degree corners and long straights. In his ideal race calendar, F1 would be a competition spread across 20 quadrilateral shaped tracks. Secondly, Lewis Hamilton wasn’t able to receive feedback from his engineer to fix his ERS problem. The solution to the problem was right in front of him, he was a sequence of buttons away from getting his Mercedes engine back to full-power. Did the new radio ban add anything to the race? Or was it just frustrating to deny Lewis Hamilton a chance to fight?

Chewbacca channels Pete Townshend. from StarWars

Here’s a handy video that offers some insight into what steering wheels in the modern era of F1 does, with a lap aboard last year’s Toro Rosso:

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