Sergio Perez Surrounded by Ferrari Rumours

Sergio Perez says he is “very happy” with Force India despite the recent speculation linking him with a move to Ferrari next season. It’s a potential status he endorsed in Baku by overtaking Raikkonen in the closing stages to clinch his seventh career podium finish in F1. It’s hard to believe though.

I dont believe you

It’s hard to believe because Raikkonen has already been told by Ferrari that his seat is safe as long as he performs, and the Finn will perform. Kimi’s only 15 points behind Vettel in the driver standings so give the guy a break. He’s not a mile off the German, who’s a pretty good benchmark.

Sergio Perez was dropped in 2013 by McLaren, which would have disappointed the Mexican at the time. But how he must be laughing now! Force India are in a different league this season whilst the McLaren limps on.

Force India’s deputy team principal Bob Fernley is hopeful of retaining the services of speedy Checo Perez and Nico Hulkenberg. He told Reuters:

“I think he’ll be be with us next year. In this business you can never be 100 per cent sure about anything but l would be comfortable to say that he will be with us.”

Bob Fernley

There is little chance of Perez moving, his current team seem to be constantly improving and the drastic change in 2017 regulations will shake-up the grid anyway. He’s also got driver status to consider. As each race goes by, Perez appears to be establishing himself as the number one driver at Force India. He wouldn’t get that with the Ferrari team – he’d play second fiddle to Vettel. The last thing Checo needs is a scenario in which he can be the sacrifice and the scapegoat if something goes wrong. That’s exactly what happened to Perez when he was at McLaren.





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