Below-par Sauber as Useless as Tits on a Nun

Sauber have been useless this season. Highlights in 2016 so far for the Swiss team are non-existent. Will rumored upgrades for the British Grand Prix help them creep up the grid and challenge for points?

Last season, Sauber were consistently mixing it in the midfield, challenging for points when issues arose for other teams. This season, they haven’t been anywhere near a position to pounce on 9th or 10th in any race so far. Apparently, the car is heavier than it should be, and nobody knows why…

Nasr too many burgers

The striking blue and yellow Sauber is yet to get off the mark, and Felipe Nasr had scored points on three occasions by this point of the season in 2015. He spoke to F1’s official website about how he feels this season is going.

When the young Brazilian was asked about how he felt the season had gone so far, he said,

“when we came to winter testing we already could see that we were going to struggle. Looking at the grid right now everybody has made a huge step forward and we found ourselves fighting at the back. Unfortunately that is the reality.

So looking back at the same time last year, we had a package that was competitive. This year I don’t feel we had that to begin with, and I also struggled with the car I was driving at the first three races. Then at round four, in Russia, we changed the chassis and things started to move into the ‘brighter’ region. But strangely enough I also had the impression – even with the car that I was struggling with – that we could have had chances to score a point or two, but it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Nasr revealed some interesting information regarding upgrades, adding,

“We are still running the same car we were running at the winter tests. So, of course, we crave for updates to arrive – and what is not letting this happen are financial issues. We have hopes [of upgrades] probably by the time of Silverstone – pretty sure before the summer break.”

Nasr and Marcus Ericsson will be hoping so! Otherwise they’ll be doomed to take each-other out over 14th place at best…




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