Honda: A Glass Half-Full… of Sh*t

Honda F1 Chief Yusuke Hasagawa must own a massive flock of sheep, because he’s attempting to pull wool over the eyes of a sh*tload of McLaren fans.

In a recent chat with Autosport, Hasagawa plucks positives out of the sky despite McLaren Honda’s sluggish campaign so far. We’ve not even had a sniff of the promised McLaren Honda renaissance yet, but Hasagawa remains as optimistic as a cat under a leaking cow.


Hagasawa said,

“From an energy recovery system point of view, we have already achieved our target, which is already on Mercedes level. Our recovery system’s performance is not very different to the top teams, I am very confident about that.

The energy recovery has already doubled from last year and is achieving at the top level. I can’t tell if it is better than others, but it’s reasonable to say it’s a very even area.

It is incredible we have achieved that in two to three years, where others have taken seven to eight years.”

If that’s really the case, then the ERS aspect of the hybrid engine must count for less than we think, because the Honda engine is nowhere near Mercedes or Ferrari yet. It makes the optimism seem unnatural too.

Next we’ll have Manor racing telling us their wing-mirrors are on par with Mercedes. Sauber have got a cracking catering team! It’s way better than Red Bull’s! Okay, how does that translate to performance?


To be fair, it’s promising that McLaren are constantly in or around the top ten, but fans have become rightly impatient. Hagasawa did give some insight on where Honda need to improve, mentioning the need to spend their development tokens on the internal combustion aspect of the engine because ultimately, this is the gap to the front-runners. McLaren’s target is to achieve a podium this season as they continue to rebuild.



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