Ricciardo is on Ferrari’s 2017 Driver List

The big grin could be beaming in the famous red garage of Ferrari in 2017 if Kimi Raikkonen doesn’t perform well for the remainder of this season. 

The move would mean a reunion with 2014 team-mate Sebastian Vettel, which might leave Red Bull feeling like Bullsh*t, losing two of their best drivers ever to the prancing horse. Ferrari are in a position of indecision, and have left it to Kimi to prove his worth and continue into a fourth season with Ferrari.

Ricciardo has signed a new contract with Red Bull, but contracts are about as pointless as a cock flavored lollipop in most sports, including Formula One.

Oh god...

When quizzed on the matter, Ricciardo said,

“It’s like last year, I understand if they were to make a change I’m a driver on their list. Am I the only driver on that list? Probably not. Am I their top pick? I don’t know. They haven’t made anything clear to me.

There haven’t been any calls saying ‘we ‘re going to get rid of Kimi, we want you, can you do it with your contract?’ this or that. I’m aware they’d be interested, I don’t blame them! But other than what’s been said in the media there’s been nothing else, honestly.”

If theoretically, Ricciardo did move on to Ferrari, a seat at Red Bull would become available. I can think of at least one guy who definitely wont be getting into Red Bull unless they need a new Tyre Technician’s Apprentice…

Poor Kvyat

But apart from poor Kvyat, the most likely candidate for Red Bull would surely be Carlos Sainz.



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