NASCAR Star Kurt Busch Calls for F1 Race in Vegas

Kurt Busch has given his support to a prospective Las Vegas grand prix, which could be added to the calendar as soon as next year! 

Bernie Ecclestone is eager to increase the American audience by adding a second race in the US after the Austin grand prix’s success. Busch believes that Las Vegas would be an ideal location despite being a completely different scene to Austin. For one, it’s not permitted to BBQ on the streets of Vegas…


Busch attended the recent race in Baku with Haas, and probably wasn’t too impressed with AzerBOREjan, so no wonder he’s thinking bigger.

He told that,

“Austin was the American dream; you build it and they will come. It worked, but it is difficult to get returns, and people to come again and again and again. The way you get multiple returns is in the tourism industry, and that is what Vegas is known for – you have tourists there who are always going to be coming.

A deal like this, it is probably a five-year deal minimum and you have year one, and it then gets bigger and bigger and bigger.”


The last race in Vegas essentially took place in a car park and the strip, and secured Keke Rosberg’s championship in 1982. The proposed return of F1 to the strip would need about $150m worth of funds including hosting fees to work, so if you know anyone, let us know.


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