Felipe Massa teases us with coy hints about his precarious future

Sharon Wong

With the threat of Jensen Button replacing him at Williams in 2017, Massa hints at “interesting opportunities” in store beyond 2016. 

Source: @WilliamsRacing/Twitter
Source: @WilliamsRacing/Twitter

So what’s he going to do after a potential close to his third season at Williams? Wouldn’t you like to know. All he’s willing to reveal is that he’s not desperate, neither for another year with Williams. In fact, he’s hinting that there are other things in store for his future than sticking with Williams for another year with a more competitive car.

“Or maybe if you have some more interesting opportunities…”

Felipe Massa


What does THAT even mean?

“I don’t want to put names down because I don’t think that is really the right thing to do. But not a small team, so maybe like teams like the one I raced for but maybe also teams that are pushing to be better.”

Felipe Massa

Intriguing stuff. We’re curious to see the team that will be hankering after this talented Brazilian’s potential. But even if there isn’t really one and he’s just messing with us, Massa wants us to know he isn’t pushing for a 15th season with F1 anyway. He’s perfectly comfortable with the giant question mark his career has become and is willing to seriously consider a career that isn’t behind a wheel.

“I feel ready for everything. I feel ready to stay. I’m ready to do everything I can, I’m ready to enjoy myself. And if I don’t have a good opportunity, I’m ready to find a new job in something different!

“So I’m not in a rush and we’ll decide the right way for everything. So if I have a good opportunity, yes, this is what I like to do anyway. But I’m not here to be back in the field and just not enjoying myself. I’m not ready for that.”

Felipe Massa


We can only speculate on the kind of career Massa will gravitate towards post-Formula 1. We really wish that his rumoured stint as a pizza boy had had some truth to it. How amazing would it be to be the world’s fastest delivery boy with the sweetest ride on the Pizza Hut circuit? But perhaps he has his eyes on other things. After all, his Instagram account reveals he might have a future as…

His son’s future F1 coach

An abstract artist

A jiujitsu fighter

An enthusiastic sommelier

Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo cantina. The best !! @samysass

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