WATCH: This shocking motorcycle accident video is better than any PSA you’ll ever watch

Sharon Wong

Sometimes, showing you why safety matters is better than telling you.

Nagging public service announcements probably aren’t your favourite thing in the world. We feel you. We’re not all too fond of them ourselves. Far more effective at getting our attention is a shocking demonstration of the potential perils you court when you chance the roads without your motorcycle gear intact.

On the 94 eastbound in Minnesota, a rolled-up mat lashed to the back of a boat being towed on the back of a truck comes loose. The bike right behind it swerves away in the wrong direction, to disastrous results. We swore we could almost hear the sickening snap his neck should have made as his unhelmeted head hit the asphalt full on. Miraculously, the man was said to have escaped without too many injuries. This poor bastard is likely to have the best icebreaker story at any cocktail party he attends from now on. But frankly, it’s an honour he’s more than welcome to hog from us.


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