WATCH: Two Camper World Truck Series drivers lose their s*** and get into a wrestling match

Sharon Wong

Two Camping World Truck Series drivers land themselves in hot water after engaging in one of the most intense wrestling matches we’ve seen outside of a ring. 

What if Seb Vettel and Daniil Kvyat had ended up like this? We’re sure they came pretty close. The frustrations of racetrack can bring drivers much closer to their primal selves than they’ve otherwise be and they become all too vulnerable to the smallest push. This is exactly what happened with John Wes Townley and Spencer Gallagher, who crashed into one another a few too many times at the Gateway Motorsports Park last Saturday night.

Townley and Gallagher had been butting heads (or bumpers) all throughout the Drivin for Linemen 200. They collided for the first time on Lap 145 of 200 and did so again ten laps later at the same turn, ending in both crashing against the outside retaining wall. After leaving their cars, they engaged in a verbal spat that soon devolved into a battle that would have impressed the titans at WWE.


As entertaining as it was for us and gratifying as it must have been for them, rules are rules. The two were eventually broken up and fined, Gallagher $12,500 and Townley $15,000. We’re presuming Townley was fined more because he did manage to land a flurry of punches on his opponent after breaking free for a split second. Both will be on probation till the 31st of December.

We’re not sure if it was worth it for them, but it certainly was for us.

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