Lewis Hamilton warns Mercedes team orders would be nothing short of robbery

Sharon Wong

Hamilton’s opposition for team orders is not just for his sake. Apparently, he also doesn’t want Mercedes to “rob” fans.

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Hamilton has plenty to fear from potential team orders. They would severely impact his freedom on the track, freedom he has abused time and time again this season when he’s anywhere in Rosberg’s vicinity. But as much of a gauntlet it will be for him, he’s arguing that it’s not just him who will suffer from such a decision. The team would also be depriving its fans of their reason to come to a Grand Prix in the first place.

“I didn’t come into this sport to be in that situation, so I pray and hope that’s not the case.

“Firstly for myself because that will take the joy of racing out, and secondly for the fans because that will rob them of what they pay so much money for.

“They save up all year to go to the British Grand Prix. Team orders are not something that should deprive them of their excitement.

“Even if it’s the other way round and the guy’s coming for me, that’s racing. That’s what you turn up and you sit in the dirt and mud in the camper van at Silverstone for, and that is why you buy the cap. Because you have that passion and you have that fire.”

Lewis Hamilton

He’s not entirely wrong. Given how much fodder for discussion his second crash has given the press and social media, the fans always love a good controversy, especially when they see it happen right before their eyes. Nothing seems to get the blood racing more for the next Grand Prix.


That said, Hamilton does have to give consideration to the fact that he’s not guiltless of a little robbery himself. He’s robbing other drivers of a fair chance at the podium (which Nico Rosberg has certainly done here too), he’s robbing fans who don’t want petty disputes to distract from the sport itself and he’s giving his team a good deal of grief by forcing them to mediate the situation.

In any case, it doesn’t seem like things are looking up for him or for Rosberg. Toto Wolff has come out and called the collision “brainless” and stated that “all options are on the table”. These are ominous words for the two feuding drivers

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