Hamilton and Rosberg have plenty to fear from “fed-up” Toto Wolff

Sharon Wong

He doesn’t care which of the two started it anymore. He just wants it all to stop and he’s prepared to do what it takes to ensure that happens.

Source: @SkySportsF1/Twitter
Source: @SkySportsF1/Twitter

There are only so many concessions you can make for even the most talented members of your team and Toto Wolff has reached his limit. One crash could perhaps be swept under the rug and never spoken of again, but another coming so soon in its wake is a sure sign that decisive action has to be taken and soon. Though officially the stewards found Rosberg at fault and penalised him accordingly, Wolff is not holding him solely responsible for the contention. He is thoroughly sick of blame games.

“I don’t want to attribute a particular blame to each of them, because there is the heat of the moment, and it is either the first lap or the last lap.

“But you know what? I’m fed-up with trying to analyse it. I just don’t want contact anymore.”

Toto Wolff

He may not be assigning fault to anyone, but he’s certainly not shying away from strong language and measures. He’s already come out and called the crash “brainless”, which is a word we’re sure neither driver wants associated with them.

He’s also already called a meeting with senior management at Mercedes’ Brackley headquarters this week to discuss the fate of the two drivers. There is ominous talk of team orders potentially happening, which would certainly cramp their style significantly. Lewis Hamilton is already preempting the measures by discussing how much they’ll hurt fans. But Toto Wolff doesn’t seem like he’s in the frame of mind to be swayed by such arguments. All he cares about is preventing more of the same.

“Collision between teammates is a no-go for every team and needs to be avoided. We didn’t discuss it in the race, but at a certain stage, we need to step in and discuss it.”

Toto Wolff

He has also made plans for when he’s done sorting out this messy situation.

“Put my head in a bucket of cold water! That is the next thing I will do after this.”

Toto Wolff

Sounds good to us!


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