WATCH: Kenny Wallace causes an uproar at a drive-thru McDonald’s

Sharon Wong

FOX Sports television analyst Wallace shows us all why a smaller hauler is the fastest way to Big Macs.

The former NASCAR driver with more than 900 starts at the top three national touring series under his belt has found a lucrative afterlife as a dirt racer. One thing that stands out to everyone is that he drives a much smaller hauler than everyone else. After this Facebook post, he’ll hardly have to explain himself further.

I mean, who hasn’t craved a quick burger and fry combo after a long day on the track? And with those heftier models, you’ll be hard-pressed to navigate your way around a civilian parking lot. You’ll be left out in the cold, salivating in envy while lithe, petite haulers like Wallace’s zip ahead of you for the prize.

Wallace didn’t end up getting a Big Mac though. He got a fish sandwich, fries and an iced tea. See what happens when you’re in a position to make choices?


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