A Message for Lewis: Quoting Senna Doesn’t make you Senna

Hamilton has idolized Ayrton Senna on countless occasions, but his latest reference to the Brazilian legend is cringe-worthy as the Brit attempts to plug himself next to his hero yet again.

When commenting on the incident in Austria, Hamilton had an image breakdown. Instead of using his own words, he name-dropped one of Senna’s most original and trademark lines. When asked if he would repeat the same move in Austria, Lewis said,

“Absolutely. I’m always going to go for the gap. Like Ayrton would always say, ‘If you don’t go for the gap, you are no longer a racing driver’. I will never stop being a racing driver.”

– Lewis Hamilton (80% of content quoting Ayrton Senna)

Let’s look his three world championships. In 2008, he won the last-gasp title in Brazil thanks to a limping Timo Glock. In 2014, if Hamilton had endured the technical issue that Rosberg suffered in the final race, then Rosberg would have won the title. In 2015, the Brit absolutely dominated and won the championship on merit. Bear in mind that two of these championships were won in a two horse race between the Mercedes drivers.

oh snap

Hamilton is quicker than Rosberg, but it’s been a battle between the two for the past two-and-a-half-years. So, he has the most superior car and beats Rosberg most of the time, fair enough. But this a different era, and Senna had to beat Prost on a more even playing field.

Listening to Hamilton bring up Senna again in an attempt to immortalize himself and make himself comparable to Senna doesn’t do the Brit any favors. He’ll only ever be a shadow of Senna. He was a driver who committed his heart and soul to the sport. Can the same really be said for Hamilton?

deal with it

Hamilton would do much better to find his own words when asked about his rivalry with Rosberg. Lewis needs to recognize that one of life’s mistakes is to try and copy the answers of others, when in reality, everyone has their own unique question.

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