Alonso says McLaren’s got nothing to be proud of whatsoever

Sharon Wong

Alonso says McLaren has no laurels to rest on after it failed to score anything at Silverstone this weekend. 

In case McLaren had any illusions that there was anything worthwhile it achieved this weekend, Fernando Alonso is dashing them. He’s started from 9th place and finished in 13th place while teammate Jensen Button ended up in 12th. No big deal, everyone has bad days, right? According to Alonso, this isn’t going to be a one-off fluke. McLaren has been lacking the necessary pace and fire to make the cut for a while now.

“We are P12 and P13, so I don’t think we should be proud of today’s race. It is the way it is.

“Probably we could have a point or two with my car, but it’s difficult to overtake any cars with the power we have at the moment, so we have to invent some places like Turn 1 and Turn 2, and we went off there.

“Tough race. We didn’t have the pace to finish in the points, and that’s it.”

Fernando Alonso

Apparently, this race was even an improvement from how things were. Seeing that they managed to keep pace with Force India, Williams and Toro Rosso, the team has maintained something of a competitive edge despite the setbacks. Plus, closing a gap from 17th place is no easy feat for even the most seasoned pros.

Source: Dan Istitene/Getty Images
Source: Dan Istitene/Getty Images

“It doesn’t help when you start P17. In our position, you need to qualify in the top 10 and try and hold on – because we haven’t got the pace to make up places to get to top 10, that’s not where we are now.”

Jensen Button

With both Button and Alonso claiming that the team lacks pace, McLaren’s issues are obvious to anyone at a glance. Nobody wants to be the team that considers 12th and 13th place an “improvement”. Clearly, some serious tweaking has to take place before the team is on par with its competitors. Unfortunately, we don’t have any suggestions at this time.


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