Kvyat Finally Getting Over Messy Red Bull Break-up

Toro Rosso had one of their better races at Silverstone with a double-points finish. Sainz had a few spins but still managed 8th whilst Daniil Kvyat drove from 15th to secure the final point with 10th. It’s the first positive thing that’s happened to the Russian since he was dumped by Red Bull.

break up

The weekend was looking like another one to forget for Kvyat following qualifying as he bowed out in Q2 after clearly being blocked by Kevin Magnussen. The Dane avoided a penalty and Kvyat missed out on Q3. The Renault driver didn’t get any words from Russia with love, with Kvyat saying,


“I lost a lot of my lap time it’s a real shame. I personally respect other drivers in qualifying and I move over, and when I don’t sometimes when I don’t see them I am very sorry. He just blocked me.”

– Daniil Kvyat

Kvyat has been anonymous in his second go at Toro Rosso since being demoted for Verstappen, but can come away from Silverstone with some happiness. He fought his was through the pack and was one of the few drivers not to make a driver error. It’s the smoothest weekend Kvyat has had for what seems like an eon – and it has arrived at the perfect time.


When asked about his race, he said,

“We looked very competitive and actually I’d say that we deserved more points today. This is a good sign after a very long unlucky period! Personally, I am happy – I finally had a good day at a racing track and it’s a long time since I felt this.

I’m sure that we will now learn from these positive moments and carry them with us all the way through to the end of the season. I look forward to the next race in Hungary!”

– Daniil Kvyat

The Toro Rosso driver has found his confidence at the best possible time with the upcoming trip to Hungary in a fortnight because the team will be expecting a big weekend. Last year, Kvyat drove his Red Bull to 2nd as the slick, sharp maze that is the Hungaroring struck a chord with his driving style.

This could be the start of a bounce-back from the darkness of the very public, very messy break-up. Ice-cream, duvet-days and silently crying himself to sleep obviously hasn’t worked, but the young Russian will have his day and possibly his revenge next time out.




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