Toto Wolff Slams Christian Horner

Toto Wolff has had another track-side rage. If he’s not having to walk a tightrope in answering an infinite amount of questions regarding team orders, he’s having to swallow the bitter pill of having one of his drivers suffer a penalty for a pointless regulation.

When talking to the Sky team during the 3-4 hour wait on Rosberg’s radio communication verdict (It takes them this long to make a decision because the FIA are Jurassic), Toto Wolff caught wind of what Red Bull’s team principal Christian Horner had been saying about the fiasco.


When it was put to Wolff that Horner had as biased an opinion on the matter as himself, the towering Wolff responded with more bluntness than a stoner’s ashtray. He said,

“Yeah I think he read the regulations wrong in terms of the way he’s interpreting them.”

– Toto Wolff

Whilst Horner clearly wanted to see Rosberg penalized, he also stated that the radio ban is bullsh*t. He said,

“The rule is rubbish, It doesn’t make a great deal of sense but the rules are the rules. The cars are technically very complex and you can understand why Mercedes would want to give that message to keep their driver running,”

– Christian Horner

Both team principles have a point, the regulation is a half-baked idea from Charlie Whiting that attempts to deal with a very vague argument for driver aid. It’s understandable that constant messages about tyre management and fuel saving makes F1 look like the complete opposite to what it should be – driving flat-out. But when a car is suffering from a genuine issue, it might be good to remind viewers that Formula One is a team sport.


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