Hamilton Turned Down his Engine Mode for the Last 10 Laps

Formula One. The fastest sport in the world in which racing drivers push to the limit throughout the race. Give 100%. Push the car onto the brink. Right? Nah. Sorry. That isn’t where we are anymore.

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Hamilton told reporters that,

“I was just taking it easy. I had turned down my engine on the last ten or 15 laps. I was never under threat from the guys behind. The car was a dream to drive and I felt under control in the wet conditions. I had no problems really — it was pretty awesome.”

– Lewis Hamilton

No blame can be given to Hamilton for the issue here. He does what he can to win – That’s fine. But the admission of turning his engine down really does take the wind from the sails. Hamilton needs to conserve his engines as much as possible given the limit on engine units. He will have to take the penalty at some point, but looking after his engine needs to be a priority for the Brit.


Hearing that the winner of the race could essentially coast for the final ten laps does nothing for the sport though. The current engine unit regulation was initially brought in to deliver a message of efficiency to the audience. Aren’t we beyond that now that the hybrid engines are outperforming the early concept? Again, a brain-fart regulation has cost us a genuine race. It would have been more satisfying to see Hamilton push in the final 10 laps. That’s what everyone wants to see…





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