Kevin Harvick leaves job as NASCAR driver for a night

Sharon Wong

Fans of Kevin Harvick might have been aghast to discover he’d momentarily abandoned them for the baseball pitch tonight.

He’d been named a celebrity captain for the 2016 Triple-A baseball Home Run derby at BB&T Ballpark in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. It was be the kick-off to a three-day All-star. celebration. Along with seven other celebrity captains from other sports, he signed autographs in the field prior to the event before the gates opened at 6pm Eastern Time.

But lest you despair, he was doing this only for a night and for a very good cause indeed. His baby is the Kevin Harvick Foundation, which he started with his wife DeLana. The couple founded it to provide underprivileged youth with opportunities they might otherwise have missed out on and they aren’t just for the future racers of NASCAR either. Any young ‘un whose quality of life and dreams could use a little support could stand to benefit from the Harvicks’ generosity. He made┬áhis debut as a baseball captain in Charlotte to promote exactly this cause.

So hopefully none of you panicked too much to relax, tune in and watch him good-naturedly fumble his way around the field. He’ll be back on the speedways in no time and umpteen more underprivileged kids would have benefited from his brief detour.

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