You Can’t Polish a Turd, but you can Stick one in a Renault

Jolyon Palmer hasn’t done anything exciting in his Renault so far this season and there’s a much better driver within the team who is waiting for his chance.

That driver is the promising Esteban Ocon. The Frenchman is currently leading the GP3 championship and is currently completing Silverstone testing with Mercedes. Ocon set a time of 1.31.212 in the second test session. That lap would have put him in 6th on the grid for the British Grand Prix, and that’s without Mercedes’ magic qualifying engine mode. Not bad for a rookie.

Palmer has half-a-season under his belt, yet still finished the test behind newbies Mazepin (Force India) and Ferrucci (Haas). Jolyon Palmer should have had another season in GP2, defending his title. That might have given him the chance to improve his race-craft.

Palmer has been about as useful as Captain Hook at a gynecologist convention so far. He’s a driver that already seems contempt with his position. If he were hungry for success, he’d be making more noise about the current situation at Renault.

If the Brit doesn’t improve, then Renault will surely think about bringing in Ocon before the season finishes.

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