What’s New in the F1 2016 Video game?

Codemaster’s have revealed new features for the upcoming F1 2016 Official Game and it looks like the best F1 game yet. Gamers were disappointed last year when F1 2015 failed to utilize the new gen consoles. F1 2016 drops 19 August 2016.

The game’s most impressive additions are 22-player online races, manual race starts and the inclusion of the formation lap, which will allow the player to try and perfect tyre warm up.

An aspect of the career mode that sounds interesting is the in-season development system in which players can develop their car with more depth than ever before.

Codemaster’s principal game designer Lee Mather revealed this:

“We strive to create a game that is as close to the actual sport as possible. We have listened to the feedback from our community and that has resulted in us introducing the Safety Car, Virtual Safety Car, Formation Lap, manual race starts and the host of other gameplay features that get us even closer to the real sport and add to the experience for the player.

“Increasing the multiplayer support to 22 players was extremely important to us. We want to be able to fill the whole grid with human players to create those great race moments and stories. It also provides greater support for online leagues.”

With eSports now an established industry, the prospect of a professional F1 league deserves a massive seal of approval.

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