Jeff Gordon would like to sell you a car wreck for around $28K

Sharon Wong

Jeff Gordon is turning one of the most humiliating moments in his career history into capital.

Did you need more proof that just about anything’s a commodity these days? Perhaps it says a great deal about the soulless wasteland we’ve turned our world into, but for those of us with something to salvage, it’s quite a silver lining. In Gordon’s case, he decided to make money off an infamous wreck he got caught in at the Pocono Raceway in 2006. A failure of his brakes at Turn 1 led to him crashing into the wall at 200 miles per hour.

“I wrecked really bad in Turn 1. That stands out. It’s funny that those types of incidents stand out to you I think as much as the good moments that you had. You never forget moments like that.”

Jeff Gordon

We still don’t know how he survived the ordeal, let alone the┬áindignity of it all. But┬árest assured, he doesn’t intend to leave the moment behind in the past. In fact, he’s commemorating it in the most profitable manner imaginable. If you’ve got a spare $27.995 lying around and you’re mad enough about NASCAR history to buy scrap metal, the defunct No. 24 Hendricks Motorsports Chevrolet can now be yours.

Source: Dezer Collection
Source: Dezer Collection

The car is currently being exhibited at the Dezer Collection in North Miami, just waiting for you to swing by and figure out if it will go together with your living room upholstery.


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