Sauber Ecstatic with new Investors… Still Chasing Manor

Why one of the richest sports in the world can’t assure its participants of at least financial stability is beyond belief. The Swiss team have announced new investors that could provide the team with some firm ground.

Team principal Monisha Kaltenborn was upbeat about the proposed board-level take-over and said,

“I’m relieved about it all because this is a good team, with good skills and good people. Certain things have just hit us really badly, but this team deserves it.

I’m not going to give a timeline as to an announcement, but we have a solution we will follow, and we will announce it when the time is right. We’re not the only team to have gone through this where you don’t really know how they suddenly vanish when something happens”

– Monisha Kaltenborn

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Other teams have suffered financial issues, but it is Sauber that remain at the rock-bottom of the standings after Pascal Wehrlein’s Austrian point for Manor.

The reason why Ecclestone’s recent comments about providing a more “equal footing” for F1 teams through revenue distribution is important is because it will set up a financially stable grid. If there’s no imminent threat of collapse for reasons beyond performance, then sponsors might find the sport more attractive.

Another reason would be that without “positive” announcements such as this one, we can get back to focusing on the racing.

Sauber’s issues are primarily track-side. Look at Manor racing as an example. They’ve emerged victorious from the three-team Hunger Games that started in 2010. They’ve developed a car that is answering their financial struggles for them. If they can stay ahead of Sauber, they’ll get a bigger slice of the pie.



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