Apple want to buy Formula One

Apple have a growing interest in cars. The iCar or “Project Titan” is the worst kept secret in silicon valley. The company have been linked with an outright take-over of Formula One and none of the top brass in the F1 circus are denying it.

The buy-out would be an unusual move for Apple, who haven’t shown much interest in world sports, but there is some sense behind an interest in becoming a key stakeholder for Formula One.

First off, Apple TV hasn’t taken off, and owning digital rights to the sport would increase sales, despite how much this will piss off large chunks of the audience. It would also allow the company to directly exploit the innovation found within the teams of Formula One.

Ecclestone has been slathering over lining his pockets for about a month, the white wigged shrew-like creature announced to The Drum recently that,

“There are people who want to buy. Actually, two of the people have agreed the price. It’s just a question of whether CVC [a holding company with a 35% stake in F1] wants to sell or not.”

– Bernie Ecclestone


What this potential take-over means for Formula One is unclear. It’s too early to predict what iF1 would even look like…


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