Williams will make 2017 Title Challenger

Last time there was a big shake-up in the regulations, Williams went from being the ninth best team to the third best. Can they take the final step towards the Silver Arrows and claim a long-overdue title?


In conversation with the official F1 website, Williams’ Technical Director Pat Symonds made it clear that Williams have been focused on the designing of their 2017 contender for some time. ¬†When asked about how the Williams team managed to optimize big regulation changes last time, Symonds said,

“The 2013 car was aerodynamically very poor. The 2014 car was a major step forward under the new regulations and I have no reason to believe that we can’t do it again.

The later the regulations come out, the more it favours the big teams as they have a lot of people to look at different areas. That does hurt us. But in actual fact we knew the outline of the car in February, so I am reasonably comfortable.”

– Pat Symonds

Symonds clearly thinks that the Williams will be stronger next season after the FW38’s underwhelming performances so far. The gap to the Mercedes will probably reduce next year given the shake-up. Racing fans will be hoping this is the case… Mercedes fans won’t.

williams pit

Ultimately Valtteri Bottas and Jenson Butt… Felipe Massa will be hoping for regular appearances on the podium in 2017.


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