F1 World Champion thinks Current F1 Drivers are P*ssies

Jacques Villeneuve is doing it again. The outspoken World Champion’s recent rant came after the British Grand Prix, where the race was forced to start under safety car after stewards deemed the conditions too dangerous.

Villeneuve hasn’t held any punches in his criticism of the current crop of drivers. He told the press recently that,

“What do you expect?¬†Most of them are still babies. If we want to excite the fans of tomorrow, we need heroes. Idols they can look up to and want to copy.

But what they see today are drivers who earn millions but are cowards hiding behind a safety car. What makes a grand prix driver so special is no longer coming through.”

– Jacques Villeneuve


It’s difficult to understand why it is Villeneuve is¬†perpetually pissed off at the sport. He’s got a point in that the opening safety car period was too long, but to paint the drivers as complete p*ssies is a bit far…

Former Ferrari and McLaren driver Gerhard Berger similarly emerged from the shadows with an opinion. He made his feelings on the safety car start quite clear. He said,

“If it suddenly rains on the highway, a normal driver doesn’t stop driving, he simply adapts to the situation.”

– Gerhard Berger


It remains unclear as to what Berger and Villeneuve will do next to showcase the the size of their balls to the world. Maybe they’ll create and compete in their own little racing series in which drivers can only race bare chested, without helmets, through the most destructive conditions in existence? Round One of the Bitter-balls racing series starts at the Jupiter Grand Prix. Come and watch as miserable drivers tackle the anticyclonic storms in a mist of methane and nitrogen.

Berger and Villeneuve






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