Cal Crutchlow claims opponents lacked testicular fortitude

Sharon Wong

At Sachsenring, Cal Crutchlow decided to man up and make a difference when no one else would. His chutzpah ultimately paid off.

Source: ZRyzner/Shutterstock
Source: ZRyzner/Shutterstock

Crutchlow was one of the few riders who dared to do things differently at Sachsenring. When everyone else opted for the soft tyre option, he went out on a limb and whipped out the harder option rain tyres for the German track. Past experience at Assen and at Warm-Up taught him that these were the only tyres he could use, no matter how unpromising a start they gave him. He took those life lessons to heart and while he started off outside the top ten, he was soon catching up with the likes of Andrea Dovizioso and Valentino Rossi as the track dried and he found his pace.

Source: @aktualpost/Twitter
Source: @aktualpost/Twitter

Alas, the track dried far too much and he chose to make a pit stop too late, but he was so on point that with slicks fitted, he surged past Andrea Iannone and Scott Redding to make it to second place on the podium. It was his best result since the French and German GP’s and it was all possible because he was, well, thinking with his man parts.


NOT our phrasing, just fyi.

“I was fast even in the dry, I told everyone I was the fourth fastest guy and I was correct. For those that were watching from home and not believing me, I proved that. 13th on the grid, I knew it had to be a long race so I went with the harder option front tyre. I don’t think many others had the balls to do it because in the first laps, it wasn’t dangerous, but it was tough to manage with the Honda. I knew I would get quicker and as in Assen, it was about keeping your head focused.”

Cal Crutchlow

Well, he’s certainly proved he doesn’t lack the gonads to do or say whatever the hell he wants, exactly the kind of man we can’t stop watching.

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