5 of the best Moments from the Hungarian GP 2015

With the Hungarian Grand Prix quickly approaching, here are five of the best moments from last years battle at the Hungaroring:

5. Hamilton and Massa rub rubber…

One of those moments that makes you wince when watching it live. Brings a whole new meaning to burning rubber…

4. Sebastian Vettel’s start


Voted as the start of the season by F1 Racing Magazine, it’s not just the German’s initial getaway that clinches it, but the acute awareness to drift right at the perfect rate as the Mercedes catches power.

3. Kvyat’s podium

Post-race, the youngster was a big heap of emotion after a dramatic race saw him finish on the podium. It will be one to remember for Kvyat, although this year’s race will probably be one to forget…

2. Ricciardo’s indestructible Red Bull


Daniel Ricciardo had collisions with both Mercedes cars, but still managed to secure an unlikely podium.

1. Vettel dedicates the win to Jules Bianchi

Acknowledging that the young Frenchman would have been part of the Ferrari team at some point in the near future was a touching tribute. Very big of Vettel to think of Jules in the euphoria of victory.


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