Former Cloud9 Jungler Rush Admits He Could Be Joining SKT

Since Lee “Rush” Yoonjae’s departure from Cloud9 and the NA LCS, he has returned to his homeland of South Korea, entertaining his loyal fans on stream as he climbs towards the top of the Korean ladder. But after much speculation about his future, Rush admitted that he intends to play in the LCK next split… and it only took twitch chat spamming “SKT RUSH” for 3 days straight for him to open up on his future plans.

As Rush explained on stream, the rosters for all LCK sides are now locked in for the foreseeable future meaning sadly, there is no chance of seeing ‘kind boy’ at the forthcoming World Championships. Rush is however, well on his way to reclaiming his throne as rank #1 on Korea’s server – currently trawling his way through Korea’s Gold elo with aplomb:

If When Rush reaches the summit of the Korean server, he will likely utilise his position of strength to negotiate a deal to one of the LCK’s stronger outfits. He will face stiff competition from talented junglers such as Flawless, who will similarly be looking to secure a prime slot ahead of the LCK’s next spring split.

Optimistic fans are wishing for a potential future SKT Nidalee World Championship skin, but how likely is it that Rush will join Korea’s elite roster?

Sceptics will suggest that as rank #1 in Korea, Rush will have too much of an ego to join as a substitute jungler for SKT, particularly after he infamously turned down the position previously. The former Lee-Sin sensation may well watch the World Championships will a vested interest – if SKT fail to win Worlds as a result of a Blank and Bengi slump, only then would Rush feasibly be in a position to ask for a starting spot.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

SKT Rush could well be beneficial in the current meta: Faker is well-adapted to playing a supportive role from the middle, but should the meta shift back towards Assassins, Rush might be in trouble once again.

The former Cloud9 carry jungler, whilst a god at Lee Sin and Nidalee, has frequently come up short when forced onto more team orientated picks such as Gragas or Rek’Sai. If he want’s to earn a spot on the world’s greatest League of Legends team, he may well need to broaden his champion pool.

The Rush Outplay

Meanwhile, amidst all the potential SKT Rush hype, CJ Entus fans are quietly praying for a Rush and Piglet double swoop, though it’s difficult to see why Rush would feel motivated to move from one challenger scene to another. Cheap shot at CJ Entus there.

For the time being at least, Rush fans can rest easy watching around the clock outplays from the talented Korean jungler and continue to dream of his future World Championship glory.

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