Which Red Bull Driver will be Faster in Hungary?

Mercedes have already admitted that Red Bull pose a major threat ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix and as the only team other than Mercedes to secure a win this season, Ricciardo and Verstappen must rise to this opportunity more than ever.

Red Bull should have two wins under their belt, but a slip up in the pit-stop undoubtedly cost Ricciardo the win in Monaco. The Hungaroring is considered to be “Monaco without the walls”, and the nature of the circuit does hold up this statement.

Horse-power is also mugged here, overall downforce steals its wallet, which should benefit the Red Bulls and downplay the advantage of the Mercedes power-unit. A potential oversight that could catch the Bulls out however is the resurfacing of the track. There’s been a few newly laid circuits that have caused the Red Bull struggle to bring its tyres up to temperature, so Ricciardo and Verstappen might not find much of an advantage in undercutting during the pit-stop phase.


Ricc shrug

But which Red Bull driver will beat the other? A shocking stat is that Max Verstappen has matched Ricciardo’s podium haul already at Red Bull. Bear in mind that the Aussie has been with the team since the start of 2015.

The form-book says that Verstappen will be the biggest threat but I’d put money on Ricciardo finally getting the job done .


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