Are Sauber just Running a Business?

More news from the Swiss team… Car updates? Nah. Driver PR at least… please!? Nah. Monisha Kaltenborn spinning fiscal jargon? Oh yeah, we’ve got tons of that.

In the latest update regarding Sauber’s financial structure and business projections (because you, as a formula one fan, naturally get excited about this sh*t), it looks good. They’ve managed to secure their future thanks to a company called Longbow Finance.

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The main man of the business class race team Peter Sauber made a rare statement after the news, saying,

“I am very happy that my courageous investment to buy the team back, which I made six years ago, with the intention to secure the base in Hinwil and the place in Formula 1 has proved to be correct.”

– Peter Sauber

So a rich Swiss guy stays rich. In other news, traffic on roads and clouds in sky. Team boss Monisha Kaltenborn added,

“At the same time the new structure will allow us to finally further expand our third party business in which we commercialise our know-how. This solution is in the best interest of our employees, partners, loyal suppliers, the base in Hinwil and for the Swiss motorsport. We are very grateful that Longbow Finance S.A.believes in the competences, efficiency and capabilities of Sauber Group, and we look forward to a new exciting future.”

– Monisha Kaltenborn


A Sauber fan who wishes to remain anonymous because he doesn’t exist said,

“I’m overjoyed upon hearing that Sauber are fiscally viable again. I can’t wait to tell my kids. I only buy the merch because of the cool sponsors that the team have. My favorite driver is the bank of Brazil, he’s done really well since joining. I will sleep soundly in the knowledge that despite lap after lap after lap of trailing at the back, Peter Sauber will still be able to afford his sparrow-neck feather stuffed pillows and gold leaf cornflakes.”

– Sauber Fan

Yeah, it’s important for F1 teams to have some sort of financial security in order to compete, but for the sake of dignity, you don’t have to put bells on it and do a dance.



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