Vettel Destroys the FIA in Radio Rule Clampdown

Sebastian Vettel has given voice to large areas of the Formula One community and fans with his recent comments on the ongoing restriction on radio transmissions within Formula One.

Source: Ivan Garcia/Shutterstock
Source: Ivan Garcia/Shutterstock

The Ferrari driver and four-time World Champions deserves heaps of credit for having the balls to say what others must be thinking within the paddock. Following the incident with Rosberg, who was deemed to have received instruction from the pit-wall and was therefore penalized, the FIA have introduced a new sanction. If a driver has an issue that threatens to cause a DNF, the driver must now enter the pits and have the conversation with the team in the pit-box.

Vettel has hit the nail on the head with his recent criticism. He said,

“Complete bulls—. I think all the radio issues we had, I think it’s a joke. I looked at the race after and I found as a spectator it was quite entertaining to hear a driver a little bit panicking on the radio and the team panicking at the same time.

I think it puts the element of human being in our sport that arguably is very complicated and technical, so I think that’s the wrong way. There’s a lot of boring stuff on the radio that got banned, I don’t see the point, I think if you want to change it you should change the cars. I have no problem, let’s go back to V12s, manual gearbox, two buttons, one for pit speed limiter and one for radio just to confirm when we are coming in and other than that, not much electronics to look after, which there’s no point then to memorize a lot of things.”

I think all of the buttons that we have on the steering wheel today are there for a reason. It’s not like ‘ah yeah, we can build buttons, let’s put them on the steering wheel’, so I think if you just look at a 1995 steering wheel for example, or speak to a lot of experts that are still around in the paddock, what they raced with, it was a simpler just because the cars technology was a lot simpler. It’s not our mistake, as in the drivers, that the cars are so complicated these days that they need a manual this big and a steering wheel full of buttons to operate it. I think we’re going a little bit in the wrong way so that’s why I think it’s bad and we should just go back to being able to say what we want.”

– Sebastian Vettel

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