Sky Sports F1 Pundits: ‘Our love for Lewis knows no bounds’

Although the Sky coverage of the Formula One Championship is second to none in terms of production value, the love and bias towards Lewis Hamilton is just too much.

If it wasn’t obvious already, the SkySports F1 pundits have lathered the reigning world champion in compliments. Brundle, Herbert and Hill wear sunglasses when Hamilton walks by so they are better protected from the direct sunlight pouring out of the driver’s arse.


In Damon Hill’s column, which was erected at a single whiff of Hamilton, Johnny Herbert riffed freely with,

“He’s still got years on his side. As we know as racing drivers, when you have that confidence you feed off that and it sort of doubles every time you get in the car.

“With the car he’s got, and the performances he’s doing, it’s no surprise he’s dominating like he is.”

– Johnny Herbert

Johnny Herbert

It’s not specifically this column that highlights the bias, but if you’ve watched the Sky coverage, one thing you will not find is neutrality. In what is an International sport, do the SkySports F1 team have some sort of responsibility in remaining impartial? Or is it better for the presenters to wear their allegiances on their sleeves? Even when these allegiances seem to be exactly the same.


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