WATCH: Vettel does a 360 – Hungary 2014

Sebastian Vettel shows us how to do a 360 spin in a Formula One car. Look out for the rotating Red Bull…

Vettel had the finely tuned reaction skills to avoid the wall but his luck fell short of his team-mates racecraft in 2014. Daniel Ricciardo scored an unexpected win, his second of the 2014 season. Vettel ended up finishing a disappointing 7th, this spin pretty much killed his race. Despite being a visually appealing pirouette, the rising smoke you see in the video is essentially tyre longevity in physical form. The spin ruined his tyres with heavy flat-spots from locking the wheels.

It isn’t beyond belief to expect Vettel’s current Ferrari to be capable of a spin during this year’s race in Hungary. The Ferrari has been twitchy under breaking all season and the balance between the front-end and rear is something that the team are yet to get 100% correct.

SkySports commentator and ex-F1 racer Martin Brundle offered some interesting insight into the difference between cars in the corners during FP2 in Hungary. He mentioned that the Mercedes and the Red Bull were able to “take the corner with ease, the back-end reacting exactly the way it should”, whilst other cars like the Ferrari and the Williams required the driver to “make an extra movement into the turn to correct the rear of the car.”

This insight offers the chance to assume what sort of tyre degradation will occur in the race too. Having to correct the direction of the car during entrance to a corner will be slightly costly for overall lap-time, but more crucially, will eat up the tyres.

Vettel and Ferrari still have the opportunity to tune the balance of the car and the German will be hoping that his engineers can eek out a bit more stability into the cornering otherwise he’ll be left spectacularly pirouetting again down in the lower reaches of the points…

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